Get matched to shares based on your environmental, social and ethical values.

Our mission

To create a more sustainable
future by making it easy to invest
in good business

Good money makes good

By adding independent sustainability ratings to financials we
make sure you have the complete picture. Which is win win,
because companies that have a more positive impact
outperform the less sustainable by up to three times.

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Invest better with the complete picture


By reducing waste, recycling and generating renewable energy, companies become more efficient. They are also less exposed to risk of costly environmental disasters (e.g. BP!).


By looking after their workforce and local communities they can drive better production. Intangibles, like people, comprise 84% of stock market value of the S&P 500.


Governance covers transparency, risk management, diversity, shareholder engagement, ethics and standards. All key to maximising long term investment performance (Remember Enron!).


In addition to ESG, Financial indicators are key to determining if a company is a good investment. Did you know that over 50% of the worlds institutional investors already add ESG to F to manage their money?

Our unique approach puts you in control


Easily build a profile based on your personal values and priorities to be matched with shares that are right for you.


See investment trends in the community to help you select companies you want to support. Get on board with initiatives to encourage better corporate behaviour.


We’ll give you tools and alerts so you can be in control of your portfolio. Make your own choices about what to invest and disinvest in.


We believe it’s corporations, not governments, that can truly drive global change. Corporations are powerful and borderless; 51% of the world’s largest economies are corporations and the average multinational operates in over 40 countries.

How we’re different

We’ve revolutionised investing by adding sustainability ratings to financials, to give you the complete picture. Plus, by profiling your values we help you find shares that are right for you. So you can build a portfolio that reflects your values (not those of some unknown fund manager).

Driving change

We’re a community of investors creating a better world. Whilst each portfolio might be different, our collective investment can reward good corporate behaviour and disadvantage bad. Investing in more sustainable business also tends to enhance returns. So it’s a win win!

What our community has to say

For the first time I understand what I will be buying and I am actually really ready to make a trade

Petra, 25

First of all I. Love. This. Idea. Would use it. Especially if I could start small and get a feel for it.

Kieran, 35

Super cool you’re focussing on this area, it’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about recently. I’ve always had this weird reluctance to invest as I don’t actually trust the companies that are supposedly growing in value. I’ve got the resource to invest, but don’t have the energy to research every opportunity thoroughly

Josh, 28

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Our team

Tom Culver

Our CEO has 15 years of global experience in private wealth management, working in both London and Sydney.

Emily Taylor

Our Chief Marketing Officer has led strategy teams in both traditional advertising and digital agencies. She’s currently Head of Strategy at Leo Burnett Sydney when she’s not strategising for Goodments.

Babar Ali

Our CTO brings over 15 years experience in Engineering, ICT and consulting in Australia and abroad. He has previously held senior management and senior consultancy roles with private and public organisations.

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