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Making it easy to invest in business that matches your environmental, social and ethical values. So you can grow your money without compromise.

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Our Mission

To create a more sustainable future by making it easy to invest in good business.

We match you to shares that best fit your values.

Selecting from a list of over 3000 shares from around the world.


We believe it’s corporations, not governments, that can truly drive global change. Corporations are powerful and borderless; 51% of the world’s largest economies are corporations and the average multinational operates in over 40 countries.

How we’re different

We’ve revolutionised investing by adding sustainability ratings to financials, to give you the complete picture. Plus, by profiling your values we help you find shares that are right for you. So you can build a portfolio that reflects your values (not those of some unknown fund manager).

Driving change

We’re a community of investors creating a better world. Whilst each portfolio might be different, our collective investment can reward good corporate behaviour and discourage bad. Sustainable investing doesn’t mean sacrificing returns*. So it’s a win win!


Our Team

Tom Culver - Founder/CEO

Tom Culver

Founder / CEO

Our CEO has 15 years global experience working in private wealth management; providing advice, leading teams and managing product innovation.

Emily Taylor - Founder/CMO

Emily Taylor

Founder / CMO

Our CMO has led strategy teams in brand and digital advertising. She's Head of Strategy at Leo Burnett Sydney when she's not strategising for Goodments.

Alec Tucker - CTO

Alec Tucker


Our CTO has held Technical Director roles in the UK and South Africa, and has almost 20 years of experience in app development. He has deployed apps to financial institutions on three continents.

Tracey Delprado - Head of Design

Tracey Delprado

Head of Design

Our Head of Design has over 10 years of experience in digital design, with a strong focus on user experience and brand-led platforms.

Babar Ali - Head of Trading Systems

Babar Ali

Head of Trading Systems

Our Head of Trading Systems brings over 15 years global experience in Engineering, ICT and consulting. He's a successful founder and Goodments is his third startup.

Jye Beckett - Head of Growth

Jye Beckett

Head of Growth

Jye is an experienced marketer with a history of leading high performance growth campaigns across the Australian & International Tech & Fintech markets.

Nhi Vo - Data Scientist

Nhi Vo

Data Scientist

Nhi is a data scientist with experience at tech startups in Silicon Valley and Sydney. She is also a PhD researcher with publications in deep learning and financial analytics.

Kevin Mutlow - Software Engineer

Kevin Mutlow

Software Engineer

Kevin is our software engineer with over 15 years of development experience, focused on Microsoft technologies, and with a wide range of skills, from desktop to web and mobile (Xamarin).

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