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Goodments Impact Bundles

A bundle is a portfolio of shares and ETFs, designed and curated by expert fund managers to maximise returns and deliver impact.

Curated — designed and curated by experts, bundles are small portfolios targeted to delivery returns and impact. Set up auto investments and rebalance each year to stay on target.

Impact-focused — designed to deliver impact in key areas, as well as maximise returns.

Customisable and transparent — you can interrogate each holding (if you like) and remove any that don't fit your values.

Diversification — spreading your investment across a number of holdings, not just one company.

Climate Protection Bundle - A portfolio focusing on Clean Technologies and Low Carbon.

People Matter Bundle - A portfolio focusing on supporting gender equality and diversity.

People, Planet, Ethics - A portfolio focusing on all areas of sustainability, across Planet, People and Ethics.

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs)

An ETF is a fund made up of a group of companies. You're not buying shares in one company but in a whole lot of companies.

Diversification — Putting your eggs in lots of different baskets. When you invest in an ETF, you own a piece of a range of holdings, not just one company.

Lower fees — ETFs tend to have lower fees than other types of investments. Fees are included in the price.

Transparency — you get to see the prices move while the market is trading.

Liquidity — because they're traded on an exchange, you can sell your ETFs whenever there are interested buyers.

Vanguard ESG International Stock ETF

iShares Australia ETF

State Street Gender Diversity Index ETF

Shares (investing in companies)

Loads of choice — invest in 2,500+ companies, all of them rated for people, planet and ethics issues. Plus you get all the important data to help make a decision.

Accessible with Fractional Trading — buy a fraction of a share and own it in your name, receive dividends and be able to vote. Got $1 to invest in Tesla? Then go right ahead.

Low transaction fees — Goodments does not charge any brokerage or commission, so fees to buy and sell shares are very low.

Be in control — when you invest in companies, you can control your portfolio, right down to the individual share. Invest in 1, or hundred, the power is in your hands.

First Solar, Inc
Atlassian Corp PLC
Tesla, Inc
Lemonde, Inc